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flag Invoices & payments in one click
  • Tailored for independent service providers

  • Trusted by over 100K customers

  • Professional invoice template library

  • Work on-the-go with mobile app

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly online invoicing solution.
  • Impressive customer support and concierge services.
  • Intuitive mobile application
  • Friendly but effective invoice reminders
  • Limited integrations
  • Not suitable as a full-fledged accounting software

Plans & Pricing

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HoneyBook is a subscription-based CRM solution. So users can only access its features by subscribing to either of its different plans. These plans include the Monthly Package, the Yearly Unlimited Plan, the Free Trial, and the Custom Package.

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HoneyBook is an online CRM designed to help businesses handle client interactions, from marketing, lead generation, and conversion, to sales, project management, and invoicing. This software is ideal for start-ups, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It provides a comprehensive but user-friendly avenue for business owners to manage their day-to-day activities. HoneyBook was founded towards the end of 2012 by Oz Alon alongside his wife, Naama Alon, and his friend, Dror Shimoni. It is a U.S.-based company with a head office in California. But entrepreneurs and small businesses in the U.S. and Canada benefit from this software’s services.


  • "Price"
    8.5 /10
  • "Features"
    9.5 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9.5 /10

Features and Functionality

Online Invoicing

HoneyBook offers an online invoicing solution to help users overcome the frustration of manual invoicing. Users can easily generate, send, and process invoices to clients without the need to log out of HoneyBook.

You can include your business logo and electronic signatures for each online invoice before sending invoices to clients. You can also review your invoice history to separate your partial and complete invoices. And if you have clients who delay payments, this platform’s reminder and automated invoicing feature forward pre-scheduled invoice reminders to your client for prompt debt collection.

Customizable Templates

HoneyBook online invoicing features a wide range of customizable invoice templates. You get unlimited access to these templates upon subscribing to the monthly or yearly plans. All you have to do is to enter your business and project information on the template, and you’re ready to forward it to your clients.

Digital Invoices

Does your business battle with paper invoices so much that they affect productivity? HoneyBook saves you the hassle of processing and sending paper invoices to your client. With this software’s digital invoice feature, you can easily convert paper invoices into digital form for more efficient handling.

Recurring Invoices

Do you have an invoice that needs to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly? Then you do not have to process the same invoice each time. This software’s recurring invoice feature ensures that your recurring invoices are automatically processed at your selected dates.

Batch Invoicing

If you have a bulk of invoices to distribute to several clients, the batch feature of this software makes the process hassle-free.

Payment Processing

Being a comprehensive business solution, HoneyBook also provides a means for you to receive payments from your invoices. In addition, your clients can choose from HoneyBook’s online payment portal, credit and debit card, and ACH transfers.

Client Portal

On HoneyBook, your clients can access a dedicated web page from which they can track the invoices you send, approve them and make necessary payments. They only need to log in with their assigned username and password to access this page.


At the end of every month, HoneyBook generates an automated report of your business’s transaction on the software. These reports are packed with graphical representations and are easy to interpret. Users on the yearly or recurring subscription also receive year-end reports to help them make better business decisions in the following year.

Tax and Compliance

HoneyBook compiles and completes taxes for the funds processed directly on their platform. However, there are specific criteria businesses must meet for the solution to handle their tax records. Contact HoneyBook’s support to find out what these criteria are.

Ease of Use

HoneyBook sure does help businesses take over customer interactions with ease. This software boasts an effortless onboarding process, allowing you to set up and get on with your business in no time. You can start your interaction with HoneyBook software by trying out their service for 7 days at no cost. Simply enter your business details on HoneyBook’s website to get limited HoneyBook features.

Once you sign your business up on HoneyBook, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can enter your business details, deals, and contacts. There is also room for third-party migrations, just in case you are migrating your business data from another software. Furthermore, you’ll be assigned a dedicated concierge to help you through the process.

After the 7-day trial, and upon subscribing to HoneyBook’s monthly or annual plan, you then get access to unlimited HoneyBook CRM features. You can also generate customized invoice templates shortly after concluding your subscription payment with them.

Since HoneyBook is a web-based platform, it considers the financial capacities of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Therefore, there’s no need to purchase and cart large storage devices, drives, and servers around while using this software. HoneyBook also has an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application to help users access its features on the go. For example, this application allows you to access and modify your project pipeline easily and generate and send invoices to your clients.

Add-ons and Integrations

Popularly known as an all-in-one management app for small businesses, HoneyBook offers a wide range of integration with several categories of business solutions.

This app integrates seamlessly with communication and collaboration platforms like Gmail, MailChimp, Trello, Microsoft 360, and Stack to ensure effortless communication between your business and your clients. It also works with marketing automation platforms like Zapier, Hubspot CRM, and Salesforce Sales Cloud. In addition, accounting software like QuickBooks and FreshBooks can also be accessed from HoneyBook’s dashboard. HoneyBook also works with payment processing platforms like Stripe and PayPal to give your clients a seamless payment experience.

Customer support

Despite its relatively cut-rate pricing, HoneyBook offers premium customer support to its users in the following ways:

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    24/7 concierge service for each subscribed business.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support through which potential and existing users can reach HoneyBook support staff.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is available to provide relevant answers to user questions.
  • Email
    Prompt email support.
  • Video Tutorials
    Comprehensive courses and videos to help business owners make the most of the software.
  • Community Forum
    An online community for creatives and small business owners

Final Word

If you want to digitize and automate business processes like invoicing, reporting, and project and client management, then HoneyBook would be a great place to start. The software makes for an even better and more economical CRM option for entrepreneurs and small businesses with a limited budget. In addition, it is highly intuitive and can be managed with little or no prior training.

In addition to users offering a vast range of CRM tools, this solution provides one of the most intricate online business solution support to its users. You will never have to battle paperwork for hours, and you’ve still got automation and dedicated support to help you run each procedure promptly. Most importantly, HoneyBook gives subscribed users access to manage unlimited projects and clients. As a result, an upgrade will not be required as their businesses expand.

And if you decide that HoneyBook isn’t the software for your business’s invoice processing, the HoneyBook yearly subscription plan is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund of your subscription amount if you cancel within 60 days. Furthermore, most small businesses might find $39 an exorbitant amount to pay for online invoicing alone. So, if invoice processing is all you need from this business software, you may want to compare its invoicing features with a host of other relatively cheaper software before deciding.

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