ZarMoney Review

flag 15-day free trial
  • Several 3rd party integrations

  • Automated payment notifications

  • Easily scalable for growing businesses

  • Role-based access control for teams

Pros & Cons

  • Straightforward UI
  • Built-in collaboration features
  • Automation features for monotonous tasks
  • 15-day, no-credit-card free trial
  • Pricing
  • Strong customer support and help resources
  • All plans have the same core features, just more users
  • Limited number of add-ons and integrations

Plans & Pricing

New ZarMoney users get to try the software free for 15-days — no credit card required. Once the trial ends, you have the option of picking one of their paid plans. 

If you aren’t ready to buy, ZarMoney stores your data (invoices, etc.) from your free trial for 60 days.

If you are ready to upgrade, you have three plans to choose from. All come with the same features:

  • Accounts payables/receivables
  • Bookkeeping
  • Inventory management
  • Productivity tools
  • Reporting

With that said, each subsequent plan lets you add more users. Higher plans are, therefore, oriented towards larger businesses.


Entrepreneur is built for a single user — perhaps a solopreneur or freelancer. It’s $15 per month, a price you’ll be hard-pressed to find on any other software on the market.

Small Business

Small Business is designed for exactly that: small businesses. It is $20 per month with 2 users included, you can also add up to 29 users for $10 for each additional user


Enterprise is designed for smaller medium-sized businesses. It allows for 30 or more users. Enterprise customers gain access to premium support features:

  • Implementation assistance
  • Custom training
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Priority support

As for pricing, ZarMoney customizes your Enterprise quote based on your company’s size and the number of users. With that said, pricing starts at $350 per month. If you’re unsure about Enterprise, ZarMoney offers you a demo instead of a free trial.

Small Business


ZarMoney is a cloud accounting software product designed for a range of business types and sizes. It was founded in Los Angeles in 2006 to give these businesses streamlined and inexpensive accounting software tools. 

ZarMoney is most known for its billing, collaboration, productivity, invoicing, and inventory features. Many users also praise its UI as being intuitive and straightforward.


  • "Price"
    7.5 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8.5 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality


Many ZarMoney customers praise the software for its informative, straightforward dashboard that offers a snapshot of your business finances. 

You can look over a variety of graphs that demonstrate vital metrics, such as your sales figures. The dashboard slots in other helpful information such as payables history and recent transactions.

Plus, ZarMoney users can customize the dashboard to display the information they’d like to see.

Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

Billing takes a large chunk of time for many small businesses. Fortunately, ZarMoney’s invoicing features make this essential yet time-consuming task a little easier.

For example, you can print, email, or fax your invoices to customers, and you can send them notifications and reminders that they have an invoice due. 

But it gets better when it comes to invoice customization. You can adjust your payment terms, take credit cards over the Internet, create and enforce credit holds/limits, and more. It looks like recurring invoicing is a soon-to-be-added feature, too.

Bill Approval

Complex payable systems plus human error can lead to mistakes on bill payments. Such errors can cause unintended cash flows consequences. 

Fortunately, ZarMoney adds a bill approval feature as an internal control to safeguard against this. You can give authorizing individual users to approve any bills before your company pays them.

Inventory Management

Some accounting software products offer plenty of bookkeeping but lack in other areas.

Not ZarMoney. ZarMoney has a host of inventory management features. You can monitor your inventory levels across several warehouses, and the numbers are updated in real time. 

There are a ton of customization options and advanced inventory features, such as split POs and price adjustments. 


Accounting software with productivity tools never hurts. ZarMoney facilitates team collaboration with built-in messaging functionality, task scheduling, file attachment/sharing, permissions and restrictions, and more.

Ease of Use

ZarMoney shines when it comes to UI and general intuitiveness. After getting used to the software and poking around its features, you’ll find that navigating the software is simple. It should be easy to get up and running quickly — and if you get the Enterprise version, of course, ZarMoney will speed this up with custom training and priority support.

Add-ons and Integrations

Despite its excellent pricing, ZarMoney was designed to offer everything a small business needs for accounting/bookkeeping — along with some nice extras. 

As a result, it integrates with just a few other productivity and payment processing products. Some examples include Gusto, Mailchimp, Stripe, Shopify, Zapier. 

Customer support

One of ZarMoney’s strengths is its customer support. Their agents are well versed in the software; furthermore, they are approachable, helpful, and eager to address your questions and concerns. 

Of course, ZarMoney offers good onboarding support, and Enterprise customers get even more help here. To top things off, ZarMoney offers several educational resources you can look at.


  • Phone Support
    ZarMoney’s phone support will answer Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm EST.
  • Live Online Chat
    You can access live chat on ZarMoney’s website.
  • Email
    ZarMoney makes themselves available via email if you fill out their contact form.
  • Video Tutorials
    Head over to ZarMoney Help Center, social media channels, or YouTube for helpful video walkthroughs.
  • FAQ
    The support page has a ton of FAQs about how to use ZarMoney’s features and perform various tasks.
  • Blog
    Visit ZarMoney’s blog to read helpful posts on accounting and small business topics.

Final Word

ZarMoney offers small businesses an intuitive, affordable accounting platform that packs in plenty of features without getting too complicated. It shines brightest in invoicing and inventory management and invoicing, and it ever gives you non-accounting features such as built-in messaging.

ZarMoney also has numerous customer support resources, from phone agents to training to video tutorials and more. It lacks a bit in the integrations department, but they have added new features to the platform over time. Overall, plenty of small businesses will find ZarMoney to suit their needs well.

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Questions & Answers

Natalie McCormick

Does this software create and process tax forms, like W-2s?

Zarmoney does not process actual tax forms inside the system, however, it does automatically calculate sales taxes and prepare tax filing reports. You will also be able to assign a default tax zone to each customer or store location. When used to track your expenses and income, you will be able to easily prepare all the information you need to file taxes.
Terry D.

I take a lot of out-of-office meetings for my business. Does ZarMoney work on my mobile phone?

Zarmoney does not currently have a mobile app, but the platform works on your mobile browser.
Josh Gainer

Is this software secure? Will my financial information be safe?

According to the Zarmoney Privacy Policy: The data that you enter and store in our secure database is password protected and only accessible by you. We only use your collected personal information or data for purposes of updates, purchases of our product or information pertinent to our records. Your data is carefully secured across the Internet. We will never ask for your password nor have knowledge of it, unless you voluntarily share it with us. The only time we will ever access your data is for the purpose of assisting you for technical support.

ZarMoney’s servers have SSL Certificates issued by industry-recognized certificate authorities. All data transmitted between users of the service is encrypted. But because the web itself is not a secure environment, users should only enter or instruct the importation of data to the database within a protected environment. It means that your portal must support the encryption guarantee used in connection with this service.

We do not store financial details. Your credit card details are encrypted and securely saved by ZarMoney to automatically bill your credit card on a continuous basis.
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