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With its many features and benefits, InfoFlo Pay is an increasingly popular accounting and invoice management platform used for small businesses. Over 10,000 users enjoy the ease of InfoFlo Pay’s invoice estimates. Their platform has an easy to navigate interface and keeps its customers in mind by offering them the best and easiest way to utilize the site. The more you use InfoFlo Pay, the better your invoice and accounting organization can be, and the faster you can get paid.

Plans & Pricing

Before you decide to pay for a plan, you have the option to start with a 60-day free trial. This gives you access to every feature in the Lite version of the account and allows you to familiarize yourself with InfoFlo Pay’s programs and interface before purchasing a monthly plan.

InfoFlo Pay has various plans that offer additional features based on the type of plan. Their plans are reasonable and much more affordable than other similar products on the market. The different plans include:


Lite is the cheapest and most basic plan you can purchase through InfoFlo Pay. Each user pays $15 per month and has access to the general features of InfoFlo Pay. These include the ability to create and send estimates, invoices, statements, and expenses. It also gives you access to a customer portal, which is Mobile HTML-5 compatible, has SSL Encryption, and allows for multi-currency usage. This plan is best for entry-level use, and these features include everything you’ll need to use InfoFlo Pay.


The second most affordable option for InfoFlo Pay is the Plus plan at $20 per user per month. In addition to the Lite subscription features, the Plus plan includes recurring invoices, subscriptions, and reports in addition to the many features offered with the Lite plan. These help maximize the kinds of invoices you add to your account and how you manage them. The Plus plan is effective for smaller growing businesses.


The next available plan is the Premium plan. At $25 per user per month, you get everything from the Lite and Plus plans. In addition, the Premium plan includes installments, projects, and time logs. This is better for medium-sized businesses who need to keep more track of individual projects and the amount of time it takes to complete each one.


This plan is $30 per user per month, and it’s best for medium to larger businesses with various invoices and tasks they must keep track of in an organized manner. Like the other plans, this Complete plan offers you the same features as all three previous ones, as well as five additional ones. The extra features include web to lead forms, a form builder, form approval, E-Signature, and custom branding. These features are beneficial for individuals who need to build their business easier.


Features and Functionality

InfoFlo Pay is a unique service compared to competitors on the market. It does not limit the number of invoices or estimates you can enter and send. Where competitors may charge you extra or put a cap on how many you send, InfoFlo Pay does not.

Estimates & invoices

With InfoFlo Pay, estimates can be easily created and shared with customers with the estimates tab. Select individual or multiple customers to send the estimate to by adding them manually or selecting from a drop-down of previous customers. Estimates can be sorted by the method of your choice. This can be by estimate number, the date, or the name of the customer.


Payment can be accepted and sent through both online and mobile platforms. Additionally, this company allows an unlimited-sized customer portal. This means that, as your business increases in value, you won’t have to pay additional money.


Did you know that with a single click you can access all of your customer’s information? Get invoices, statements, and forms with the InfoFlo stand-alone CRM. It can also generate PDFs and CSV exports when you need that information.

Mobile app and browser

InfoFlo Pay’s unique programming gives everyone who uses it access on both an internet-based website and on any mobile device. There are applications coded in both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Once you download these apps, you can log in to your client portal and access or create any new invoices you need at the tip of your fingers.

Ease of Use

Getting started with InfoFlo Pay is easy. To begin, you can start with a 60-day free trial and be sending your first estimate within 5 minutes of signing up!

Simple but effective interface

When you’re navigating each feature, you won’t have to worry about screen clutter. For example, when accessing invoices, you will be presented with a clean layout with statuses, estimates, names and totals, and even when they were created. Keep track of everything and everything on track with a glance using InfoFlo Pay.

Add-ons and Integrations

InfoFlo Pay doesn’t offer any add-ons, but it does provide integrations to sync your account with three powerful software choices: Google Drive, Quickbooks, and Mailchimp. Additional integrations can be set up by InfoFlo Pay’s development team upon request.


You can have file uploads automatically sent to your Google Drive or Quickbooks account for back-up through Zapier. And if you have a MailChimp, you can get subscribers sent straight to your email list whenever a form gets submitted.

Online payments

InfoFlo Pay uses integrated payment processing, which means you can accept credit card payments or payments via check. Customers can also pay on their own using the online customer portal. Unfortunately, InfoFlo Pay doesn’t support any additional payment gateways.

Pros & Cons

  • Straightfoward interface and layout
  • Generate estimates & invoices in a flash
  • Customer payments done easily via mobile
  • Limited payment gateway features

Customer support

InfoFlo Pay mainly uses a ticket-based help system in order to prioritize the more urgent cases that are received by customers. Their network maintenance and upgrading is also a part of this ticketing system, for example, if something bad happens to the servers and equipment, a support ticket gets produced. Average response time is 24-48 hours.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    There is an online ticketing system to submit your questions at any time.
  • Phone Support
    The company officials can be reached via phone during office hours (8am-5pm EST).
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is availble.
  • Email
    You can also email the company for support or answers
  • Video Tutorials
    There are video tutorials on the company's website.

Final Word

InfoFlo Pay is a great resource for all individuals with a growing small business. The platform is easy to use, and InfoFlo Pay offers plenty of tips and tutorial videos to help you along in getting the most out of the website’s features.

This makes it the perfect option for those who are new to invoices and managing their accounting and finances. InfoFlo Pay is available on both the internet and on mobile phone, so you will always have proper access to your finances, whenever you may be. Although it doesn’t offer a huge suite of features, it can be a great way for your business to manage its accounting and invoice history.

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